16 Jul

ONE of the biggest platform to showcase your talent is SOCIAL MEDIA APP which we all know that it will connect people with each other across distance. In fact, people around the globe are just using their mobile phones, laptops or computers to see everything outside. Furthermore, it provides you more confident for showcasing your talent and you can use it as a great opportunity to get a job instantly.

The Mr. Vin Agency also known as MVA then recently change meaning to Moves, Voices & Arts who helps people to achieve their dream using their talent. They are not just an agency who provide their needs but they are family who help each another in order to be successful.

Some other people says that Social Media is a blessing in their life. Just like the owner of MVA, Mr. Marvin Troy Barcenilla, he uses this platform to change his life. Mr. Barcenilla is gaining more success and helping a lot of people to achieve fame, success and make money as well while at their comfort of their home or anywhere in the world by showing their uniqueness or talent. 

Mr. Barcenilla is using Bigo App, one of the social media apps that you can use as a platform to show the world your talent and to show who you really are, in this kind of platform he finds a way to give other people chance to earn while at home and helping them by encouraging people to surpass their limits. 

Ben Dicto, one of the successful MVA artists, his dedication and hard work are already paid off because of his enthusiasm in singing. He started joining MVA last 2020, during this pandemic his passion makes him millionaire just in a month in Bigo App. A great personality he has that driven him to the victory.

One of the greatest achievement of Mr. Barcenilla was being charitable not because he is just earning money but because he wants to share the blessing that is pouring into his life to those who's in needs. 

Mr. Barcenilla is still expanding his profession and looking for more artist out there who wants to showcase their talent  such as singing, dancing, comedy, hugot/banat line, any other talents you have as long as you are comfortable to do it. As he is already being recognized, he created a website that we can visit during our free time (mvatalent.com). If you want to achieve more and be discoverable, just don't hesitate to hop in to the website for more information. 

Written by 𝘈𝘬𝘺 𝘛𝘢𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘥𝘰.

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