16 Jul

Can you imagine dating a total stranger from a different country will makes you happier than you think. Giving a fact that you fall in love with each another without meeting in person. The lovely moment that you have created while on a social media app, is it possible that Internet Love really works?

Internet has already made a connection and communication that relationship is no longer  require any efforts. Why did I say so? Because most of people in the world are emotionally attached so all you need to do here is a one click on the internet to find someone and voila, a relationship has been found. Though, there's still a fact that not everyone are still lucky enough to find someone who you can trust with and it is better to know each other first before going into a relationship to avoid the possible risk and avoid getting break up. Remember, nowadays that promises are meant to be broken.

When you found someone from the internet, it really requires you to have more patient because Long Distance Relationship is not easy to handle because there's a lot of risk that is waiting. What do I mean? You will meet a bunch of people such as fake people, catfish, gold digger, ghost, one night stand only, gone on meet up, horny people, temporary love, and what we called the one. Whoever you meet online, just go with the flow so you cannot be left behind.

In Bigo App, two persons from different part of the world fell in love with each other. Their story will inspire you because internet won't stop you from getting in love. From bullying to serious relationship, how did they found each other? By the way, Bigo is an application that you can communicate with a various people. It is not a dating app but it is a live streaming app that you can talk to a real person anywhere in the world. They met up in this app and found that love will truly exist.

The story of Rachel Salva and Darwin Reyes who met in Bigo App and became a couple. They haven't meet yet because their relationship is a long distance. Trust, respect and understanding to each other is the only thing that they have to make their relationship longer and aside from that they have together for about eight months and still counting. Rachel is living in USA while Darwin is in the Philippines. Rachel mentioned that she is bullying Darwin before on his live stream and getting kicked out by his administrator and this they were started. Distance is not their barrier to fall in love because they already witness how it will works. And yet, sometimes you get an argument but if you are really meant to be you are going to find a way to get along. Rachel told once that blocking each other in the app is not the solution to resolve their problem because this is their only way to communicate and test their relationship. She mentioned that it is really challenging for them to have this kind of relationship because they have different time zones but they are still managing what will be prioritize first when it comes to their relationship. Their distance test how far love can travel.

A wise man said that loving someone you don't see everyday in person is not a bad thing. It is just a proof that love is not in sight but in the heart.

Whether you believe it or not, love will truly exist in the internet. Love has no limitations and boundaries, so you better have more patient because God already prepare someone for you and you just need to get ready when the time has already comes.

Written by 𝘼𝙠𝙮 𝙏𝙖𝙗𝙚𝙧𝙙𝙤.

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