24 Jul

     Covid-19 gives many challenges to us including the lives of the young people. The transition of a normal life to online world is very difficult. Students are still struggling to deal with the financial and health crisis.  I discover that there is a lot of  livestreaming platform that  can give opportunities to student to  earn money while staying at home. It allowed millions of individuals around the world to share their moments and experiences within their communities all throughout time of its four-year broadcast. Most of them is  a free application that allows users to record and live-stream their activities to their friends and strangers. Anyone can broadcast videos and engage with anyone at any time and from anywhere. Live streamers can receive live comments from other users and search for persons in their near area. During the live-streaming of a video, a user can convert money for digital gifts and send them to his favorite broadcaster. The gifts not only represent a streamer's popularity, but they can also be exchanged for real cash.

     Many people are keeping themselves engaged by watching videos throughout the today's global health crisis. To relieve stress, more people are turning to live-streaming platforms. As long as lockdown measures are in place, the use of these apps is expected to grow. It is an amazing tool that brings people together in just one app. And as  a student/host, it really help me to avoid my stress in school works. When I feel that I am bombarded with school stuffs, I just talk with my new friends and family that I`ve met through the  online world.  

Can I Earn Money while Broadcasting?

     Of course, yes. Fans can give virtual gift that can be converted into real money after you earn a certain amount of popularity in.To keep earning, you must have excellent interpersonal communication skills and meet a monthly performance target.

How to become Famous in a Livestreaming app?

If you are an ordinary person who wishes to become famous. Here are some tips on how to get a lot of fans:

     1. You have a nice profile with your best photo and very well descriptions.

     2. Create a comfortable and creative broadcasting workplace while remaining professional. It's also profitable to spend in recording equipment if you're a host.

     3. Create content that is appropriate for you in order for others to recognize you.

     4. Interact with your audience by speaking with them and responding to their questions. Many "spenders" or "supporters" create a dummy account in able to reach livestreamer. As just a result, if you become connected to them, they will support you.

How to join livestream app and become a host?

Here are the steps how to be a part of the Online Community and become a host:

     ⦁ Download a livestream app. Sign up using your phone number, email,Facebook or Google account.

     ⦁ Fill up the information needed in the application. You have to confirm your Real-Person Authentication so that they will recognize that you are the real user of the account that you create.

     ⦁ Set your best profile so that you can gain a lot of followers.

     ⦁ If you want to become a host and showcase your talent in singing,dancing, gamestreaming, you can visit the official facebook page of MVA Talent and they will help and guide you in your Online Livestreaming Journey.

 Be part of our growing family! Enjoy livestreaming

Written by Ella Vergara.

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