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Over time, different types of dances and dancers have slowly emerged. This includes Kpop which has been the inspiration of the local girl group from Davao Del Norte, CHARM Official. The group was named basing on the first word or second word of their first name. C stands for Chen (Rechen Yongco), H for Hanee (Honeylyn Bitoon), A for Anne (Gracie Anne Abot), R for Rey (Rey Ann Gallo), and finally, M for Mae (Katrice Mae Cloma). But, how did this group composing of five (5) members formed?

CHARM Official FB

It all started when Mr. Raphael Lupiba, suggested to do some dance covers exclusively for his official FB page. However, due to hectic schedules, the plan was set aside. Until, Blackpink released their comeback song "How You Like That" last July 2020 where Ms. Honeylyn Bitoon decided to do a dance cover together with Gracie Anne Abot, Rechen Yongco and Rey Ann Gallo. Accordingly, the girls' goal that time was only to have fun and to discipline theirselves to be physically fit. With the help of Mr. Raphael Lupiba, the official videographer and editor of the group, the full video of their "How You Like That" dance cover was released last August 6, 2020, and the dance cover hit a thousand views, a hundred of facebook reacts and shares.

SOMI (전소미) - What You Waiting For | Dance Cover By CHARM Official | CHARM_CHEN as SOMI

Watching the unexpected and great reviews of the video, the group finally decided to do more dance covers. The group was originally named as A.R.C.H Official. The leader of the group who is Hanee, decided to get a new member for their next dance cover which was “Not Shy” by Itzy. Hanee contacted another friend who was also her dance student in college. Katrice Mae Cloma accepted the request and became the final member of A.R.C.H Official.

(FULL VIDEO) Red Velvet (레드벨벳) - 'Psycho' Dance Cover by CHARM from Tagum City

It was some time in the year 2020, that the group decided to changed their group name as CHARM Official basing on their names. The group continuously covered K-pop dances such as “More and More” from Twice, “Psycho” from Red Velvet, “Dynamite” from BTS and many more. Despite all of the personal conflicts in schedules, every member was able to pour time and efforts for their practices and shoots.

(FULL VIDEO) BTS (방탄소년단) - Dynamite DANCE COVER by CHARM

Moreover, CHARM Official doesn't settle for K-pop cover videos only, they are also willing to engage in every K-pop dance competitions. This includes the online kpop competition held at Seda Hotel, Cebu, where they were hailed as a first-placer and a semi-finalist for Changwon Festival 2021. Recently, they were also declared as the Grand Champion of the online K-pop competition organized by Bituin Dance Team and International Youth Fellowship Philippines.

For the group, all the struggles and hardships they've encountered has been paid off and they also believe that these titles will be the first step towards reaching and achieving their dreams amidst pandemic.

Written by: Katrice Mae Cloma and Gracie Anne Abot 

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